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Visiting Medina has nothing to do with your Haj…

Visiting Medina has nothing to do with your Hajj. It is something different and separate. There are about 95 gates that enter into Kabah. It is common to miss your ways in kabaah. Abdul Qader al Shaibi is the key keeper of Kabah. Zamzam water is not flowing water.  Saudi- Arabia has no River, Abraj Al-Bait Towers has four-faced clocks and stands over the holy Kabaa. There is no harm in whatsoever, in seeking the shade of a car, umbrella, or the likes. Do not make Du’a to the Prophet; Du’a is to be made to Allah and Allah alone and you do not need Ihram to enter Medina. When shaving or trimming shave completely and you trim, take from all sides of your head.

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