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IHRAM is Not the ‘Cap’:Iḥrām is a state pilgrims enter into, putting on prescribed clothing’s but that does not mean one cannot take it off if there is need for it. And taking it off does NOT mean that you ended your Ihram. That’s why the ‘ulemā’ say we can change our iḥrām (meaning our clothes), and even wash it if it gets dirty. Some Muslimahs do not know what Ihram means and they think it’s the cap that they put on over their hair, they don’t take it off no matter what. Women may wear anything Islamic ally permissible for Ihram.

 Excessive fear of breaking their hair: Some women have an excessive fear of breaking their hair. They are so worried about their hair breaking, that they do not even take off their headpiece for making Wuduhu. This is a trick of the Shaytān. If you don’t do Wudu’ properly, would your performance of the rites be valid? Also, some women think that ONLY the one who is NOT in Ihram can cut their hair; once they’ve finished with their rituals, thus refuse to cut their hair to exit IhramThis is a wrong notion. The Prophet (SAW) commanded his companions, during the Farewell Pilgrimage: “Let him cut his (meaning, his own) hair then exit irām.” (al-Bukhāri, Muslim).

Not going to the Jamarāt or Muzdalifah: Some delegate another pilgrim to throw pebbles on their behalf at Jamarāt for no valid reason but laziness and not understanding the importance of doing it themselves, even if they are able. The only time one can delay the throw at Jamarat is when there is a lot of crowds or your safety is at stake. Although it is allowed for women to leave Muzdhalifah after half the night has passed if there is an excuse such as sickness, weakness, or just because we are women. BUT, it is better if you do stay the whole night following the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW).

Crowding with the men: Beware of crowding with men (non-mahram) in all the rituals of Hajj, especially during ṭawāf and at the Black Stone, during Sa’i and when stoning at the Jamarat. Choose times when there is less crowding. The Mother of Believers, ‘Ā’ishah used to do awāf in an area away from the men, and she did not touch the Black Stone or the Yemeni Corner if there was a crowd. Some scholars suggest the best place for women to do awāf is up on the roof terrace of the masjid. Women should avoid getting into a crushing crowd, like in Masjid Namira. 

Rushing through ‘Ibadah: “The worst type of thief is the one who steals from his prayer!” The Companions asked, “Oh Messenger of Allah! How does one steal from his prayers?” The Prophet, responded: “He who does not complete his bowing, nor his prostrations.” Or he said, “He does not straighten his backbone while bowing and prostrating.” (Ahmed,  Al-Ṭabarani). From foregoing, you should concentrate on all the rites. Allāh will look at the quality of your worship, not the quantity. If you pray just two rakʿah with khushū’, concentrating on what you are saying, beseeching Allāh with humility, wouldn’t that be better and more acceptable to Allāh than even 50 or even a 100 rakʿah quickly pecking the ground, without knowing a word of what you are saying?

A misdemeanour in Hajj: As a believing Muslim woman, Allāh has adorned you with goodness but while on the rites keep your voice soft and your walk paced. Do not shove abuse, harm or hurt your fellow Muslims. In the Masjid of Kabah and while visiting the Prophet’s masjid, behave with honour, dignity and If you do not get a chance to pray in some areas let others do, for the sake of Allāh and He will reward you.

Wasting precious time in Mina: Some sisters waste their time talking with each other, about nothing specific, mingling and socializing with the other Hajjis. They busy themselves with idle talk, laughing, joking, even gheebah and gossip while they are staying in Mina and even on the day of Arafah, which is the most important day of Hajj. Arafah and Mina are not places to socialize; rather it is a place for ibādah,  dhikr, 

istighfār and du’ā’. The stay on Arafah and Mina are the most blessed days in which ibādah are dearest to Allāh and it is the essence of the whole journey. Wasting away precious time is more common with women, beware as you go on this journey. And in the end, no one loses but you.

Being uncovered in Muzdalifah

Muzdalifah is an open ground and there are no tents, and the bathrooms are in an open field. When the sisters make wudu’ there, they forget that they are in an open area and there are men everywhere who can see them. Yet, they take off their hijab and dupattas right in front of them to make wudhu, thus exposing their awrah. This is a great mistake that is avoidable. Rather, when you need to make wudu’, go with a few women as a group and take turns making wudu’ while the others can hold up a piece of cloth, hijab, etc in such a way as to cover you and hide you completely. This way no one can see you, In-sha Allāh.

May Allāh accept this Hajj from all of us and make it Mabroor.Amin.

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