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Imam Shafi Mumunee  – In Aqidah (the Muslim’s Belief)

Ihram: Do not pass the Miqat without being in the state of Ihram. Do not uncover your right shoulder until you reach the Kaaba and begin Tawaf. This is the time that the Messenger uncovered his shoulder. Do not take pictures of yourself in Ihram, taking pictures for showing others later may contradict your sincerity of doing this for the sake of Allah. You may change your Ihram towels if they get dirty. Men and women may shower with unscented soap; in other words, you cannot use perfume or perfumed soap. You should wear sandals or slippers as common amongst us and not walk barefooted. When beginning your Ihram for Hajj, do it from where you are, if you are in Makkah you do not have to go to the Kaaba to start your Ihram for Hajj.

 Tawaf: You do not have to say your intention out loud to start nor touch the black stone for your Tawaf to be accepted. You are not there to worship the black stone but glorifying Allah. Do not kiss the Yemeni corner. The prophet of Allah did not touch anything other than the black stone and the Yemeni corner. You may only touch it. The Kaaba should be to your left and do not do Tawaf with your back to the Kaaba. Do not lengthen your 2 Rak’ah of Tawaf, nor push or hurt anyone.

 Sa’i ( Safa and Marwah) 

 Do not say your intention out loud before making Sa’i. You do not have to climb to the top of Safa or Marwah. You can take breaks in Sa’i to drink water or rest. You can take a break after Tawaf, before Sa’i. You do not have to jog the whole way, from Safa to Marwah. Only within the green lights, the valley of Safa and Marwah. There is no specific Du’a to say between Safa and Marwah, but, the Du’a that the prophet of Allah said when he stood on Safa. Then raise your hands and pray as he did.

Mina, Arafah, and Muzdalifah: 

 Confirm you are within the borders of the holy sites. Spending the 8th day in Mina is the Sunnah of the prophet of Allah. Do not go to Arafah directly. In Arafah and Muzdalifah you shorten and combine prayers, while in Mina you only shorten; but do them at the correct times. You should not treat your time in Arafah like any other day, but pray to Allah in humility. Do not leave Arafah before Maghrib time or pray Maghrib and Isha until you reach Muzdalifah. Many people think they are in Muzdalifah but they are not, confirms the border signs. After Maghrib and Isha in Muzdalifah, go to sleep. Through all of these, continue doing your Talbiyah.

In stoning the Jamarat: The Jamarat are not Devils, and Shaytan is not tied up for the stoning. Glorify Allah by saying (Allahu Akbar) with each pebble. Do not throw sandals or wood or big rocks. This is all against the Sunnah. Throw the pebbles separately. Make Du’a after the first and second Jamarat. If someone is throwing on your behalf, you do not have to collect the stones yourself and hand the stones to that thrower. 

Tawaf Al-Wada’ (Farewell Tawaf): 

 You cannot do your final Jamarat after Tawaf Al-Wada, as some people attempt. You MUST spend the night in Mina on the 10th night and 11th night. After Tawaf Al-Wada’ you must leave Mecca, or else another Tawaf should be made.

Visit Medinah: After the Hajj, a visit to the blessed city of Madinah is also important (although it does not in any way vitiate your Hajj). You may want to visit these places: gravesite of the holy prophet, Masjid Kuba, Kiblatayn and Mount Uhud. Make supplications at the prophet’s mosque, and make salutations ( As-salam-alayka) at the grave of the prophet, Abu Bakr and Umar. Visit these places are only of spiritual and emotional values; never make any request at the gravesites.

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