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Prof Badmus Lanre Yusuf, lecturer, Islamic scholar, proprietor, publisher, administrator and Islamic communicator. His academic and work experiences over the time are vast. He was former Dean Postgraduate School University of Ilorin, former Dean College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Al-Hikmah, University, Ilorin, former Federal Commissioner, the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) and currently at the University of Ilorin. Kwara State.  In this interview, he explains why it is difficult to have Muslim vice chancellors in some Federal Universities. Excepts

Why is it becoming more difficult for young Muslim students to get admitted into the Universities?

There are so many factors. The number of the Universities especially,  the ones owned by the States and Federal   governments many do not have adequate spaces for the admission for all who is seeking to be admitted.  The private Universities have become “A NO GO ARE” because of tough fees that they charge students. Thus, admissions into Universities have become competitive with stringent   conditions attached for students  to overcome The class of  O’level,  JAMB and the POST JAMB scores is another issue and since  most Universities would not want to compromise  academic standards. The aspiring students must have to work harder to get the required entry points. One should not rule out religious factors that in certain department, if Non – Muslims are in majority, certainly, they will want to consciously struggle to get only members of their own faith to secure admission before Muslims.   That is why we are calling for more Islamic Universities unfortunately, wealthy Muslims have not been able to focus on that dimension whereas with investments in University project; one is serving the humanity and the Muslim Ummah. Also, one may not rule out the possibilities of Nigeria factor in the process.  Your child may not secure admission if no one assists you to get it. These factors certainly may be part of the reasons why admissions are now very challenging.

What Roles are there for Parents?

Role of Parents starts by ensuring that quality education is given to their children. Especially, in secondary school by making efforts through lessons to make required grades until admission is granted.  They may have to arrange for special JAMB coaching for them and the exams for the Post JAMB also needs special Coaching because of the CBT examination required for to acquire the expected marks. Parent’s roles continue even after admissions.

Why is it difficult to have Muslim Vice Chancellors in the Universities?

There  are clique operations in most of the Universities, who sees to the affairs of the Universities as their  birthright and  believes  erroneously, that Muslims have not enough western education or  exposure  to occupy managerial positions.  These cliques often deliberately, retard the progress of Muslims in academia.  For a Muslim to become professors in some of these Universities could be tortuous, not to talk of allowing such persons become the Vice Chancellor.  Those screening candidates for Vice chancellor’s positions do have on their minds the unfounded fear that a Muslim Vice chancellor will Islamize the system thus, such is screened out before it get to the final stage. Again, the fear that a conscious Muslim would perpetrate justice against the system often dissuades these cliques to support Muslim candidacy because such will be counterproductive to their interest. Islam encourages justice, fair play and equity in human relationships and many Muslims are conscious of that. Performances of Professor Nurudeen Alao then, in the University of Lagos and Prof. I.O Oloyede at the University of Ilorin are very good, examples of what Muslims can do and they do not want that.  Sometimes, when they discover that a Muslim shining star would be difficult to extinguish, they can go to the extent of physical elimination. These cliques are everywhere, including University of Ilorin.

What was your experience with Alh Liad Tella, while working at the National Hajj Commission?

 Fortunately, we were both pioneering commissioners when the National hajj commission was established by the Federal government through the act of the national assembly. We worked together as commissioners and we tried as much as possible to make our own contributions towards the foundation of the commission. Brother L’adi, as we used to call him is a senior colleague in the MSSN and as Alumni of MSSN; we have to extend the MSSN courtesy to each other while working at NACHON. We cooperated like brothers and from our days at MSSN, we see him as a dynamic and a no nonsense person. When he moved to Concord newspaper, he dedicated his journalism knowledge in a very objective way without any discrimination against Non- Muslims. He has always been useful to the Muslim community. He has a humble personality and promotes Muslim causes. He and another brother in journalism practice promoted Sheikh Adam Al-Ilory’s friday sermons effortlessly.

What is your reaction to his investiture as Asiwaju Musulumi of Iwoland?

My reaction is that it is a well deserved honour, recognition of his past services to the Ummah and a wakeup call to duty. The assignment is a very big one but with the support of the Almighty Allah, he will succeed.  He is making history, for being recognized in his birthplace as Asiwaju Musulumi, so, I wish him a very successful era.

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