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As a feature of the worldwide objection against environment foul play in Nigeria, Christians Association of Nigeria and Islamic Society of Nigeria have called on government and different establishments to act promptly in tending to the environment crisis in Nigeria.

This was expressed at a walk and a discussion set up under the standard of Faith for Climate Justice by Green Faith. The occasion which was a development to supplications and reflection vigils was quiet as the gathering uproariously set their expectations known external the workplace of the Lagos State lead representative, Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

Members sounded the caution by thumping drums, waving hand signs and holding petitions.

The members showed bulletins with various engravings including: ‘God made the earth, don’t allow your voracity to obliterate it’, ‘Contamination is the adversary to a sound life, embrace reusing for a superior society’, ‘Confidence for Climate equity.’

Talking at the occasion, the founder LUFASI Park, Mr. Desmond Majekodunmi bemoaned that Nigeria as a country indiscriminately follow other created countries, by utilizing energy that came from copying petroleum derivative, and thus, added to arousing the environment which has made environmental change an approaching catastrophe.

He said: “for hell’s sake, our neighbor, all weak networks around us, we approach the public authority to fortitude with the worldwide requests for environment finance from affluent nations to nations from Africa. Apply tension on the central legislature of Nigeria to strengthen the cleanup of Ogoniland and stop the gas erupting as expressed in the NDC.”

The activity in Lagos was important for a worldwide series of occasions coordinated by Green Faith International Network, a worldwide multi-confidence collusion of grassroots strict associations in Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe. More than 480 activities occurred in 43 nations.

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