500 women receive 20,000 naira grant each,courtesy- Jewel Care Foundation, Gombe state First Lady vows to do more, to support women become self reliant. Gombe State First Lady, Asma’u Inuwa Yahaya, has disbursed 10 million naira, to 500 women especially the less privileged ,with each receiving 20 thousand naira, asContinue Reading

“Who can translate its profound meaning or produce a comprehensive meaning is not readily available. It is a gift from Allah (S.W.T)”.  Sheikh  (Dr) Muhammad Ibn Habibullah, Ibn Musa popularly  known  Sheikh Kamalud-Deen Al-Adabiy. The Prophet said to Ali Ibn Talib that the benefits of Ayat al-Kursi is monumental, thatContinue Reading

Roles for Islamic Groups by  Arc. Lola Ibrahim MNIA M’ARCON Decreasing violence against women and girls requires a community-based, multi-pronged approach, and sustained engagement with multiple stakeholders that must include religious bodies which Islam and Muslims have stakes. Violence against women and girls is defined as any act of gender-basedContinue Reading

As parents, it makes sense to follow the methods that were used by generations before, such as arranged or assisted marriages; but not as forced marriages, which can seriously harm the children pushed into these farcical marriages. In Islam, it’s no secret that parents are a direct gateway to JannahContinue Reading

Bats are incredibly unique nocturnal flying Mammals; common across almost the entire continents except the Antarctica and they have small brains. One of its species is one of the tiniest mammals in the world! Its wings swim through the air, rather than doing the bird flaps. They have over-powered heartsContinue Reading

By; Abdulfattah Abdussalam Years ago, pupils in primary schools in the western states of Nigeria read in a storybook the conviction of a wayward boy for stealing. While he was being led away from the courtroom to the prison, he made a request to speak with his mother who wasContinue Reading

After intention, One should say, “Bismillaah,” before making Ablution. The Prophet said:“There is no Prayer for one who does not perform Ablution, and there is no Ablution for one who does not mention the name of Allâh.” (Abu Dawood #101 & ibn Maajah # 399). One should:1. Wash his handsContinue Reading

In a bid to acquire the necessary skills to conduct Computer-Based Tests (CBT), theNational Agency for Food and DrugAdministration and Control (NAFDAC) hasentered into a partnership with the JointAdmissions and Matriculation Board( JAMB)as a result of which officials from NAFDACwere recently treated to a two-day trainingworkshop at the Board’s Headquarters.InContinue Reading