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The latest update of the mobile version of Call of Duty has sparked anger as it disrespects Quran in the game.

Netizens have shared a number of photos of the game which shows pages of Quran being scattered on the ground with the players having to walk on them, according to al-Alam Arabic.

The game has been recently widely promoted in the Persian Gulf countries, especially Saudi Arabia.

People on social media have called for boycotting products of Activision Company until it officially apologizes to Muslims and deletes the recent update.

This is not the first time that the US-based company is insulting Islam. In the earlier editions of Call of Duty, designers had put the name of Allah in a toilet. Face with widespread anger and criticism, the company was forced to apologize and revise that section.

Activision started publishing the first version of Call of Duty in 2003. The first-person shooter game was first focused on World War II but over time, new series have been set in the midst of other contemporary events such as the Cold War as well as imaginary worlds.

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