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A book-reading contest has been held in Georgia on the occasion of the martyrdom anniversary of Hazrat Fatima al-Zahra (SA); days that are known as Fatimiyya.

Some 40 boy and girl students of religious studies participated in the event. Students read parts of “Mafatih Al-Hayat” that has gathered hadiths about the Islamic lifestyle. The book has been written by a group of authors under the supervision of Ayatollah Javadi-Amoli.

The event was organized by the Administration of All Muslims of Georgia and with the cooperation of Iran’s cultural office in Tbilisi.

After reading the book, students responded to related questions in a test that was taken at Imam Hussein (AS) and Imam Ali (AS) mosques in the Georgian capital.

The Administration of All Muslims of Georgia is set to offer awards to winners of the event to further encourage the young generation to learn Islamic sciences.

This is the third contest with religious topics that has been staged this year in Georgia, according to the Iranian cultural office in the country.

Mafatih Al-Hayat has been translated into different languages including Arabic, Turkish, Urdu, and English.

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