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Air Peace, an Air company, has introduced a discount on aircraft tickets for the Nigerian military, both in-service and retired officers. The chairman of the airline, Allen Onyema, disclosed this in Kaduna when he was honoured with a Doctor of Management Science Degree by the Nigerian Defence Academy.

The chairman said, “When we started Air Peace in 2014, I announced that officers of the Nigerian military, serving and retired, should be flying at 10,000 naira then. In 2022, we also introduced a priority boarding policy for military officers to honour them. For all they are doing for the country, we need to motivate them. “We also have decided to offer the military rebate on flight tickets, and the specifics will be announced soon for both serving and retired officers.”

 The Air Peace Chair proclaimed the Nigerian military as one of the best in the world and enjoined the newly graduated students of the academy to showcase skills acquired and display knowledge to promote the country defense and ensure security stability in the country.

He said that there is need to appraise and applaud the efforts of Nigeria military despite the challenges and the circumstance in which they are operating to ensure safety for lives and properties in the country.  He stated, “I have to say it categorically that despite the challenges, the Nigerian military still remains one of the best in the world. You have to consider what they go through and the circumstances in which they operate.”

Emphasizing the need for Nigerians to appreciate broad nationalism, Onyema proclaimed, “We should begin to engender broad nationalism where every Nigerian will be proud to say I’m a Nigerian instead of talking about their ethnicities. The earlier we fight for each other, the better for us. We want a situation where you profess the unity of the country in truth and in practice. It’s very important.”

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