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The Secretary General of Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), Mallam Muritala Mohammed Aliyu, on a new programme, the Citizen speaks, Citizen fm 93.7 Abuja, told the public that Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), contrary to people, knowledge is non-political but a pressure group.

He also made it clear that ACF is not a cultural group like the Afenifere and Ohanaeze Ndigbo that are pushing the agenda of a particular ethnic identity. He made it known that ACF is congressional of all the tribes in the North that, include Yoruba, Igala, Idoma, Tiv, Kanuri, Nupe, Fulani, Christians, Muslims, traditional worshippers and people from other sides of the country. When asked about the perception of Nigerians that the Arewa Consultative Forum influences who becomes the president of Nigeria, and some people think they are mafia-like in operations, he said; ACF is not partisan and does not talk about political parties. Sometimes people seek from us who they should vote for in an election.

And at that point, the Forum only analyze each contestant’s programmes and political parties and advises people of the North in which direction to go. In the quest to project and protect the interest of Northern Nigeria, Aliyu made it known that they have managed to encourage the Northern Nigerians to raise the standard of education, the standard of living and the standard of development.

Furthermore, he said the Forum gathers all Northern groups to ensure a common focus and purposeful push for the interest of the North within the context of the Nigerian nation. On the 2023 elections, Mallam M. M Aliyu implores the citizens of Nigeria concerning the elections to accept the results and put more effort into the next election if their choice does not emerge as the winner. 

The Arewa Consultative forum originated from a meeting held on 7 March 2000 in Kaduna at the initiative of the then Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammadu Maccido. The purpose was to establish unity among Northern leaders, working through elected officials to achieve progress in the North within the democratic framework and to reach a consensus about planning and development issues affecting them. 

ACF has branches in all states of Nigeria under the leadership of Chief Audu Ogbeh as the current chairman.  


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